The museum has enjoyed many visits from schools based on the Island and from further afield. We are equipped to accommodate groups of up to 35 people. We provide a full 2-hour educational age-appropriate programme.

Typical Programme

Welcome (5 minutes)

Brief history of glass, styles of glass, with various pieces demonstrated and explained (25 minutes)

Glass appreciation exercise – looking and really ‘seeing’ (30 minutes)

  • What do you see?
  • What does it mean/depict, what did the artist want to convey?
  • How does it make you feel?

Four different types of glass will be used for the exercise. The first piece will be used to ‘walk through’ the exercise. The other three pieces will give opportunity for the students to express themselves. A workbook is provided for this exercise.

Comfort break (toilets at Dairyman’s Daughter or rear of Maritime Museum) (10 minutes)

Glass making demonstration, either at Isle of Wight Studio Glass immediately next door to the museum or at SculptGlass 200m from the museum (30 minutes)

Find your favourite piece of glass and say/write something about it (15 minutes)

Conclusion – What have we learned today? (5 minutes)

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment will be carried out and a written report provided to schools as a matter of routine procedure. We request visit organizers to make us aware of any issue that may be relevant to their particular group.

Arrange a Visit

To arrange or discuss a visit, please contact our Development Manager at or call 07810 496556. Thank you.

Alternatively, you may use our Booking Form.


Please note that since the museum prepares a customized programme for the visit rather than just providing a simple guided tour, and there are costs attached to that, there is a charge of £2 per person. There may be extra charges for the glass making demonstration, typically £1 per person.